Our Facility

Our facility is located just 15 minutes to the east of Calgary Alberta.


As I like to call it country quiet, yet city close. On a clear day you can view the grandeur of the rocky mountains to the west. The facility is 4 years old and still a work in progress, like most. When I started to think about the layout for the property, I took into consideration all the other places that I have been too or used and tried to take the best and make it work for me.


The broodmare band has lots of open space to graze and roam, a great place to raise their young foals.With lots of turn out space for the working horses. One of my main concerns in fencing, was to make the place as safe as possible, as we all know that isn’t always easy with horses( or as I like too call them accidents looking for a place to happen). The fencing that I choose was electric ( electro braid this particular brand). It was expensive to start with, but, has saved me a lot in vet bills! I have had horses panic and run thru the fence, and as we all know this can cause a lot of damage, in this case, the worse that the horses have ever received are rope burns. Even my stud pens are just 4 wire electric fence, with never a problem,once they learn what it is they do not challenge it.


The barn has 12 stalls, used mainly for foaling and keeping some horses in, I like my horses outside, where they are healthier, less dust etc. The arena is 80×200 with a working space of 80×175. The 130 ft diameter round pen will be finished and up and working for the spring. We also have a 50 ft round place to start all our young horses. The main ranch consists of 80 acres with outlaying land totalling 600 acres of hay and 400 acres of pasture.