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Smart Peppy Lena

With great sadness, I have sold, this awesome mare that taught me so much in the pen. She has went to a loving and forever home to produce more outstanding foals, for the new owners!

This mare was bought from Polo Ranch, as a brood mare, but I needed to have a horse, to learn on, so I started to ride her. This awesome horse had nothing but grit and try, no matter what I did wrong, and believe me there was lots! From having spurs in her when she stopped, to hang on, she would turn her head look at me tell me to hang on because she was going with that cow! Every time I went in the show pen, I knew I had a chance at a cheque, if I cut my cow half way clean for her.

Her last 5 shows for me this winter at silver slate winter series, she tried her best, each show she seemed to be getting a little more sore. After, doing more exams on her, we found she had a small fray in her suspensory, she was retired on the spot. Even missing the last two shows she won one buckle and just missed a second.

Lena was a horse, that will be hard to replace for a novice rider like me! But, hopefully she will be producing foals for years to come for her new owners! Look for those foals, they may be one you might want to buy!

I have two foals left from Lena, one a daughter of Dual Rey and a Gelding by flo rider.







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Tough year for Hay

Well as everyone is aware, there is not a lot of hay this year! Fortunately I will get a second cut, but still not many round bales, as we have to run so far to pick up enough material it beats up the stalks.

With the second cut, I will be able to drop my prices a bit. I will still be trying to break even though!

I would like to explain the facts of haying to all of those, people that are saying we are gouging them, or what about helping your neighbour! For me haying starts in early spring, first trying to get rid of gophers, so we don’t have badgers, digging holes that you can drop a wheel into, this if February. Next we are out harrowing the fields as soon as the frost , is out of the ground. Probably 25 hours of man fuel and machine. Then we roll the fields to get rid of rocks, have to rent the roller, another 25 hours man and machine, lets not forget fuel! This is done way before a blade is grown. Then we wait, some of us also spread fertilizer in early June, before the rains, we hope.

About a month before we think we will need our machinery, we are servicing, hopefully there is nothing big wrong and we have to get in a mechanic at 178/ hour

Then comes the cutting, fuel, man hours, wear and tear on machinery and lets not forget the machine itself, the cost of which can range up to 200,000 dollars. Now we cut, for me about a 80 hours, sitting in a machine, on edge, watching for obstacles, hoping you didn’t miss any rocks or anything, or the field you rent, somebody hasn’t dropped a fence post in the middle of the field, that you don’t know about and the hay as grown up around, yes that happens, there goes cutting for a while, more time and expense to fix. Once you get it down, you start to worry about the forecast, and will your hay get rained on!  A lot of sleepless nights!

Now it is dry, everything else stops and everybody is into machinery to get the hay raked, then baled and picked up and under cover. Again fuel, time, machinery wear and tear, the machinery is worth about another 300,000. I look at over 100 man hours in 2 to 4 days, we start as soon as we can and stop when we have to, eating when we can.

Now add in the cost of the land, if you rent like most of us do. Now you tell me I am gouging you?

Yes I choose to do this, I take pride in the hay I produce, offer to exchange bales, because not every bale comes out perfect no matter how hard I try!

On top of that, I am still trying to collect from people that I have sold hay to last year.

So shame on anyone that thinks, I am gouging them! This is a business, we have to make a profit as well or we can’t do this, more and more hay land is being taken out of production for crops, I personally know a few farmers that will not sell hay to horse people, because they show up any time they feel like it, because they did not plan ahead and there horses have noting to eat, 2 days ago! I have even had to lock my gates to stop people from showing any time they  feel like it with no call, driving up  to my hay barn and helping themselves!

So yes, hay prices are high!



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Best wishes for everyone in the hoilday season and a Happy New Year

Well tomorrow is the start of a New Year, lets hope we don’t get as much snow as we ended this year on! LOL

There have been a lot of changes here over the last year, as most of you know. I no longer have a trainer, working for me. Have sold off, most of my two year olds(coming three), I do have a couple with Denton Moffat, if anyone is looking for a nice futurity prospect, you might want to talk to him about how they are coming along.

I only have two yearlings left(coming 3), one is an awesome filly, by Smart Aritistocrat, out of an outstanding daughter of High Brow Cat. Cats Kitty Kitty is both a money earning mare, as well as this being a proven cross, by the numbers. The fill is a very pretty bay and as sweet a moving horse as you might ever see. I would like her to go to a show home and for the placing, she will be priced way below cost!

The other yearling is a gelding by Smooth as a Cat, out of my earning daughter of Dual Pep. This is the number one cross for Smooth as a Cat! He did have a soft tissue injury, but is totally healed and looking to start him soon. I am pricing him at cost, for anyone interested. Again, would like him to go to a show home if possible.

I have not advertised these 3, coming yearlings. The filly is a Daughter of Dual Rey out of my very best Smart Little Lena mare! This is probably the best foal I have ever bred! I have had a few trainers here, they are all in agreement that she looks to be one of those very good Dual Reys! Confirmation, mind, looks she has it all.

Second yearling is a full brother to my 2 year old Smooth as a Cat, that is where the similarities end! This sorrel stud colt is going to be electric! As a baby, this little guy could turn and move off his hocks effortlessly! He looks like on of those Cats that is going to get down in the ground and play. His barn name is Shiver.

The third yearling is a Sophisticated Catt, out of a winning and producing daughter of Bob Acre Doc. He is fast and very quick! He is probably the most thinking horse of the three yearlings, to go with it he has lots of flash.

I am still fighting with, what I am going to do now. So we will see what the new year brings?

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Canadian Supreme

Congratulations to Deejay Reid riding CDS Do It, a four year old she bought from me, in a second place finish in the Non Pro derby! She and this big strong gelding by CD Olena have been doing well through out the year. I wish her the best at Calgary! Go get them Deejay!

Thanks for having the faith to buy this good young prospect and I am so glad, that you and he are doing well in the show pen!

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Futurity horses

Well it is fast approaching futurity time and I am waiting to see how many Wilderness horses are going to be there?

Denton Moffit is riding a gelding by Sophisticated Catt out of a daughter of Smart Little Lena that I showed and had a lot of success on! Talking to Denton, he is very happy with the gelding and if all goes well(we all know about that), he plans to show him at the Supreme, Calgary and then at the PCCHA in California.

Dustin Gonet also has a 3 year old Owned By Olga Bungard. This Gelding is by Neat Little Cat out of a daughter of Doc Sonita. This gelding is coming along very nicely and is said to be very talented!

Don Thompson also has the raffle colt that he bought off Gord Roper, we are waiting to see if he is going to be far enough along to show at the futuries this year?

Les Jack has my final, 3 year old. A gelding by CD OLENA out of a very good mare ANOTHER DOC DOLL, talking to him last month he felt at that time that he will make the futuries as his horse in the non pro!

I wont have one of my own, just too far behind, but maybe next year!

Also watch for the 4 years olds in the aged events as well!

The horses I have raised are out there going to the show pen, I want to wish all the owners the very best of luck and hope to see you all at the pay window!

Thank you for your support!

Archer Webb

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Another satisfied customer

Jody Caswell, came looking for a horse for herself about a year and a half ago, at that time Jody was carrying her child to be born in January, so she wanted something for the year to come. After bringing her trainer Vance Kaglea over they decided that a little filly, out of a Grey Starlight daughter by a son of Peptoboonsmal would fit the bill. Vance kept her going until Jody was ready to go back to riding and she is now showing her as a 4 year old! Here is a picture of Jody at her first show.The picture was taken by Natalie Jackman of

First Show

First Show

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Foals are arriving

Well I have had two more successful foal on the ground, A Stylish Rey colt, out of  Bunny, has since been sold to 7P ranches and a FILLY by Dual Rey out of Smart Peppy Lena. What a looker this little filly is and lots of attitude already at 10 days old.

Looking for a foal tonight out of my Dual Pep mare,RJJ Miss Viagra Pep and sired by Smooth As A Cat, last year we had a very nice colt from this cross and am hoping for a filly this year.Hope fully tonight then I can get a little rest before the last is too arrive.

On a sadder note, I lost a mare and foal in birthing! This is the first time we have ever had any real problems and really leaves you with a feeling of helplessness!

To all of you having your own mares foal, enjoy the time of new life being brought into the world.

Archer Webb

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Contrary to the posting on facebook

Good Day everyone,or at least anyone who looks at my site.LOL I had an interesting call yesterday, from somebody wishing to know how much I was asking for my place? This was a very big surprise to me, as I have no intention of selling, for that matter have not even considered this. So I asked where he had got this information that I was selling from? Turns out like a lot of FALSE information, his wife had seen it on someones FACE BOOK ACCOUNT. So just to make it clear, I am NOT selling my place.

So I will take this time to explain what is happening at Wilderness. I am still going to be around, just down sizing, and not having a full time trainer on site. I am just going to keep a few to show for myself, a few young ones coming along and breed a few really good ones for myself!

For 3 years I have worked 24/7 to keep others in the saddle, now it is my turn to ride and have others do the work.

I look to see people down the road!

PS: Still looking to move a few very good 2 year olds!

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First foal of year

At 1:30 this morning the first foal of the 2013 year arrived, healthy and strong. This filly is by Light N Lena out of the mare, Cats Kity Kitty. First time I have ever tried this cross, but, I think that I will be breeding her back the same way for 2014!

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Jessica and Max

This is a picture of a young woman that bought one of our horses. She just wanted to share with us, her gratitude for fulfilling a long time dream to ride a horse across a field with no saddle or reins,just enjoying herself and her horse!

Thank you Jessica for sharing that with me and thank you for allowing me to put on my web site!

May you have many great rides with MAX

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