Contrary to the posting on facebook

Good Day everyone,or at least anyone who looks at my site.LOL I had an interesting call yesterday, from somebody wishing to know how much I was asking for my place? This was a very big surprise to me, as I have no intention of selling, for that matter have not even considered this. So I asked where he had got this information that I was selling from? Turns out like a lot of FALSE information, his wife had seen it on someones FACE BOOK ACCOUNT. So just to make it clear, I am NOT selling my place.

So I will take this time to explain what is happening at Wilderness. I am still going to be around, just down sizing, and not having a full time trainer on site. I am just going to keep a few to show for myself, a few young ones coming along and breed a few really good ones for myself!

For 3 years I have worked 24/7 to keep others in the saddle, now it is my turn to ride and have others do the work.

I look to see people down the road!

PS: Still looking to move a few very good 2 year olds!

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